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Welcome to the new improved Bell Sympatico Customer Service site!

March 2002

Our new Customer Service site was designed to give you, our members easy access to all your customer service needs: manage your account, check your email, troubleshoot technical problems, keep up to date on our latest offerings and more! Nothing has been removed.

What's New?

Some highlights designed to make the site more usable:

  • Quicker access to your account management tool.
    Sympatico Self Care is a few clicks closer. On our main Customer Service page simply enter your User ID and password in the blue Members box, and then click GO.

  • Check your email from anywhere, in your browser.
    You can log in to GetEmail directly from the
    Customer Service main page.

  • You can now search for what you want.
    Find Sympatico information you need faster, easier. Simply type the words in the search box and then click GO.

  • One-click access to any topic!
    Find help fast with our topic shortcut menu. Click and select any item in the list and you're automatically transported to the corresponding page

  • News and updates to our service are front and centre.
    We are constantly improving our service and offering new deals to our members. This is where you find out What's Happening.

  • Easier to return home.
    You can always go home again. To return to the main page, simply click on " Customer Service " on the upper left of every page, or the "Home" link at the top right.

  • Nothing was removed!
    Everything you expect to see when visiting our site is still there. Links to all the major sections the site are available from the navigation bar on top of every page. Furthermore, access to the information you need is always available from the search box or the topic shortcut menu.

~ What's Happening ~
Check here often for updates and news for Bell Sympatico members. Click for more items.

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Home networking and print sharing is here!
Access your Sympatico™ High Speed Internet service from any computer in your home with our new Home Networking solution.

Firewall service
Keep hackers and other security threats at bay with the Firewall service. Find out more.

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Sympatico Tech Tip

Click for more tech tips Ever notice the more you browse with Internet Explorer, the slower it gets?
If you browse many different sites, especially those with many images, sounds or video, you might benefit from increasing your browser's cache size. Click Tools then Internet Options. In the dialog box, click the General tab then click the Settings button under "Temporary Internet Files". In the "Settings" dialog box, drag the slider to set the amount of disk space. Click OK to close the window.
As a general rule, you can set the amount of disk space reserved for your cache between 1 and 4 percent of your total hard disk capacity.

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