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How many e-mail addresses can I have?

The Sympatico service offers it's members one e-mail address per dialup account. If you want more than one e-mail address, you must get a new, separate Sympatico account, billed separately from your first one.

Can I change my e-mail address?

Yes. But you can only change your e-mail name -- the part that comes before the "@ab.sympatico".

To change your address, go to eService in the Sympatico Help section. When you are prompted to, enter your Sympatico UserID and email address and click Login. Choose Customer Service, Account Management, and E-mail address. Fill out the form provided with your new email address choices and click on Submit Request. Note: The new address you choose should not exceed 25 characters.

Your e-mail address will be changed within 24 hours. You will be notified via e-mail (at your current address) when your e-mail address has changed.

Can I change my e-mail password?

No. You cannot change your e-mail password. The password used to retrieve your e-mail is the same password you use when logging into your local Sympatico dialup server and for publishing to your Sympatico Webspace.

Will changing my e-mail address affect my Sympatico personal Webspace address?

Yes. If you have Sympatico Personal Webspace, the name of your Webspace directory is the same as your e-mail name in your e-mail address. Therefore, if you change your e-mail address, your Webspace directory name will be chan ged to match your new e-mail address (e.g., if the new e-mail address is "", it will become "").

If I change my e-mail address or sign up with a different ISP, will e-mail sent to my current e-mail address be forwarded to my new e-mail address?

No. Be sure to let people know that you are changing e-mail addresses before doing so. Otherwise, messages sent to your old e-mail address will be returned to the sender, marked "undeliverable".

I need to restore my Sympatico e-mail settings in my Internet software. Where can I find this information?

These settings are located on the Sympatico Service Provider Setup Information Web page on the Sympatico site. Your e-mail address and password are located on the last page of the Getting Started with the Sympatico Service booklet (assuming you wrote them down during the registration process).

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