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How to find out what your email address is

The following instructions explain how to find out what email address is entered in your software. This is the address that is included with every email message you send.

If you are not receiving email, it may be because your email address is entered incorrectly. Follow the instructions below to find out what is entered, and compare it to the email address you have written at the back of your Getting Started with the Sympatico Service user guide. If necessary, re-enter your email address in your Sympatico software.

Netscape Messenger (in Netscape Communicator)
  1. Click the Edit menu, then click Preferences.
  2. Click the plus sign (arrow with Macintosh) beside Mail & Newsgroups, then click Identity. Your email address is in both the Email address and Reply-to Address fields.

Netscape Communicator preferences

Netscape Mail (in Netscape Navigator 3)
  1. Click the Options menu, then click Mail and News Preferences.
  2. Click the Identity tab. Your email address is in both the Your Email and Reply-to Address fields.

Netscape Navigator preferences

Microsoft Outlook Express (with Internet Explorer)
  1. Click the Tools menu, then click Accounts.
  2. Click the Mail tab.
  3. Double-click your Sympatico account.
  4. Your email address is in both the Email address and Reply address fields under the General tab.

Outlook Express properties

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